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Is Blogging a Good Investment for Accountants? standard

Is Blogging a Good Investment for Accountants? Many of those in the accounting world assume that blogging is a platform mainly for those who are involved with Internet marketing as their main business. The truth is, many major companies have blogs, even those that are not directly involved in the technological field. Blogging can be a huge contributor to inbound marketing and new client development, even for those in the financial arena.describe the image ROI There are definite concerns regarding the return on investment, as with any marketing ploy. This is particularly true in the case of blogging, as the main resource needed is time, and we all know time is money. It can feel frustrating maintaining a blog without seeing any ...

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How do CPA’s Reach New Clients? standard

How do CPA's Reach New Clients? Accountants, CPA’s, financial services firms and financial consultants  live to “get found!” Those accounting firms that have already embraced inbound marketing are experiencing significant growth in lead generation, lead capture, internet marketing “buzz” and have differentiated themselves from their competitors in new client development. Let’s face it, the traditional model of marketing and advertising is broken. Prospective customers are sick of being “sold” and have switched to commercial free radio, use caller id, get their news online, DVR television programming to speed through commercials and have shunned traditional sales techniques. Now they search for products or services online. Those firms that embrace internet marketing are winning, leaving their out-dated competition in the dust. Through the use ...

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Is the customer always right? standard

Is the customer always right? Is there a bigger falsehood in the retail or service industry than "the customer is always right"? It is right up there on the international list of famous cliches with "I am Not A Crook", and "Everything is Under Control".  Once upon a time stores demanded sales associated be properly trained and versed in both product and client relations. Sadly, this is no longer the norm, National chain stores spend millions on sales development through advertising programs like television and newsprint, touting their great prices, wonderful selection, and great service. But when you get into the store is your experience really a satisfying one? Recently I an issue with a 6-month store-brand computer component and tried to return ...

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When is the best time to make sales calls? standard

One of the questions I am frequently asked is, "When is the best time to make sales calls?" I'm always hesitant to answer this question, simply because I despise cold calling and believe that anyone who tells you they enjoy cold calling is either a liar or a sales consultant. Yes, I never want to give prospectors and new business development pros a reason not to make calls. There are times when following up a referral or a target of opportunity requires a cold call. But I'm always afraid that if I mention times that are better than others people could interpret that to mean they should not make calls at those other times.Clock2 Finding the "good times" to reach high-level ...

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The 5 critical stages of creating an internet marketing sales process standard

The 5 critical stages of creating an internet marketing sales process are less known than the traditional descriptor. Marketers usually prefer the term marketing sales funnel, as the top of the pipeline is wider than the bottom, where many prospects (suspects?) enter, but through qualification, choice and follow through determine how many actually proceed from suspect to customer. Some marketers also believe there is an undisputed path by which prospects make their way through the funnel, but it is my belief that there is more than one road leading from the top of the funnel to the customer bucket beneath. A search on the internet will expose the term START. High energy information sales hawks subscribe to this formula, which is an ...

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What is Inbound Marketing? standard

What is Inbound Marketing? We love deploying inbound marketing strategies for companies looking to enhance their new client development or brand awareness. It is an incredibly effective method for enhancing a company's marketing because it integrates: Search Engine Marketing Social Media Content Marketing Public Relations Email Marketing Search Engine Optimization Inbound Marketing easily supports pay-per-click or other online advertising campaigns. Moreover it provides the kind of analytics previously reserved for Fortune 500 companies. This allows you to know what tactics and message is working but who it is working for and the overall ROI of your marketing spend. Perhaps more importantly Inbound Marketing is better aligned with the preference of behavior of the decision makers you wish to speak directly with. The platform we often recommend is HubSpot because it is feature-rich and offers an ...

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Why Isn’t Your Business Blogging? standard

Why Isn't Your Business Blogging? If there is one thing that I learned from my involvement with HubSpot, it's that everyone should be creating content in one way or another. Blogging is best when it is a team effort. This encourages a fun, creative, and expressive energy an fosters real team collaboration. Not only should everyone create content, but they should support the blog content by tweeting, commenting, liking, and pinning each other’s work. The best content is human and transparent. Blog about your mistakes and your successes. Blog about how you have learned from a poor experience with a customer and how you've since improved on your customer service. Show your readers that you promote a culture of accountability and ...

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Can Inbound Marketing System Can Increase Revenue? standard

Can Inbound Marketing System Can Increase Revenue? By now everyone knows that the Internet has changed the way business gets done. As a business owner, whether you are a manufacturer or service provider, the question you might be asking yourself is: how can I use the Internet to make my marketing more effective and boost sales? Organic search, individual users and companies freely looking for information and solutions online, is also now an established part of the social and economic landscape thanks to Google and other potent search engines. Just by using organic search to learn about digital approaches, you have probably come across a whole array of terms and concepts that weren’t around 10 to 15 years ago. Search engine optimization ...

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Will Your Search Ranking Result In More Conversions? standard

Will Your Search Ranking Result In More Conversions? How do you insure that a good search ranking will result in more conversions to clients or customers? A significant investment in traditional local SEO may not bring in a lot of new business. EG: A high ranking for a search string like 'Edison Managed IT Services' will not likely draw a significant number of leads in and of itself, as IT and business managers don't tend to make vendor decisions based on organic Google searches. IT services are a strategic relationship like legal and accounting and get established via trust. It pays to invest in creating amazing content for the web that will help companies save money (IT in this example). So do ...

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Inbound Marketing Begins With Good Search Tactics standard

Inbound marketing begins with good search tactics. We all want to see great organic search engine results. Where else can we get a daily (hourly?) measurable snapshot of a result in our business? And many small business owners, especially retail enterprises and craftsman/tradesman, need to be found by people residing or playing in a few specific geographic areas. They want search results to rank high so their business can be found on the web yet cannot justify the high fees most SEO firms set. If you have a website, and a marketing plan, and are interested in learning how to improve your inbound marketing results here are some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basics that can be done to assist your local ...

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