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Should an SMB Take on Every New Client? standard

Sound business marketers place a great deal of emphasis on targeting the audience with whom they wish to attract. It makes sense, because why spend your advertising budget on an inappropriate clientele? Following that logic, shouldn't they be just as selective in deciding whom they chose to do business with? For new business development, as well as a great many other facets of business, being selective in choosing whom to work with can be a good thing. Should an SMB take on every new client? Definitely not! You need to think beyond just selling, and remember that you are entering into a relationship. Such a situation must be based on mutual respect and a large dose of reality. As the owner of ...

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Can Accounting Firms Get Sustainability in Marketing with Inbound Marketing? standard

Can Accounting Firms Get Sustainability in Marketing with Inbound Marketing? We believe so... Your business development or sales organization has been very busy. Think about all that time spent drafting emails, responding to voice mails, writing proposals with little or no real relevance, pitching to non-decision makers and not holding prospects accountable to commitments… in actuality that is a lot of time NOT spent selling, it is time spent chasing! What percentage of the overall time of your sales efforts are actually spent actually selling with new prospects? And how does your brand and/or credibility suffer from these typical but common sales activities? Time is Your Most Valuable Asset Consider the impact on your top line revenue if you were able to reduce ...

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Leadership: Does Your Company have a No-Texting Policy? standard

Does Your Company have a No-Texting Policy? Would you like to avoid the liability that employee accidents create while driving on the job, while improving the safety of your employees? We have all seen someone texting while they were driving, a huge problem on our roadways today. Trying to craft a message and key it into a 6" device is very distracting. The solution may be establishing a no-texting-while-driving policy. AT&T customers can download a Drive Mode app to help prevent this unsafe practice. This free app temporarily disables certain mobile device features, such as those distracting notification sounds when an incoming text message is received. People trying to reach you will simply receive an automatic response telling them that you'll reply ...

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Leadership for Consultants – the Client Expects to be Lead standard

What do we mean by... Leadership for Consultants – the Client Expects to be Lead? Simply, it is the most important concern affecting consultants – the client expects to be lead. Let me repeat myself; your client or customer expects to be lead. She/he is receiving so many market signals that it is difficult to make sense of all the traffic and noise. Questions like: Where should I be investing my marketing and advertising dollars for the best return? How can I cut costs and still maintain my market share and sustainability? How can I improve the quality of the leads on which my sales people need to focus? What are we doing that works, and what needs to be added or adjusted? Your clients look to ...

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How to Bring More Value to Your Clients standard

Do you know how to bring more value to your clients? Clients and/or customers make purchasing decisions based on numerous factors, but particularly through identifying value in their selection of products or services. Therefore, bringing value to your clients should be paramount in your thinking.  How does one do that, you may be asking. Let’s take a look at a simplified example. Pretend you have your favorite bakery in mind. This bakery is no different than the three other bakeries nearby. It offers almost exact products but you are loyal to them regardless of the fact that they are the furthest away, charge more, and you tell everyone you know how special they are to you. Why? You are loyal to them ...

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Is the customer always right? standard

Is the customer always right? Is there a bigger falsehood in the retail or service industry than "the customer is always right"? It is right up there on the international list of famous cliches with "I am Not A Crook", and "Everything is Under Control".  Once upon a time stores demanded sales associated be properly trained and versed in both product and client relations. Sadly, this is no longer the norm, National chain stores spend millions on sales development through advertising programs like television and newsprint, touting their great prices, wonderful selection, and great service. But when you get into the store is your experience really a satisfying one? Recently I an issue with a 6-month store-brand computer component and tried to return ...

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Want to define your company’s culture? standard

Want to define your company's culture? Herb Kelleher, the CEO who made Southwest Airlines famous, once said the following:“Southwest’s communication, its message, is its people.” That comment tells volumes about the culture at that company. It means that the employees are so engaged, and have been provided with the necessary coaching and training to be an extension of the marketing arm of their company. If you have flown on Southwest you probably know what I mean. And they have over 25,000 employees! Imagine the impact of 25,000 people spreading the word on a product or service. They are more than ambassador’s- they are actually missionaries because they have drunk the Kool-Aid and are out there converting as many customers as possible ...

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