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How to Bring More Value to Your Clients standard

Do you know how to bring more value to your clients? Clients and/or customers make purchasing decisions based on numerous factors, but particularly through identifying value in their selection of products or services. Therefore, bringing value to your clients should be paramount in your thinking.  How does one do that, you may be asking. Let’s take a look at a simplified example. Pretend you have your favorite bakery in mind. This bakery is no different than the three other bakeries nearby. It offers almost exact products but you are loyal to them regardless of the fact that they are the furthest away, charge more, and you tell everyone you know how special they are to you. Why? You are loyal to them ...

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Is the customer always right? standard

Is the customer always right? Is there a bigger falsehood in the retail or service industry than "the customer is always right"? It is right up there on the international list of famous cliches with "I am Not A Crook", and "Everything is Under Control".  Once upon a time stores demanded sales associated be properly trained and versed in both product and client relations. Sadly, this is no longer the norm, National chain stores spend millions on sales development through advertising programs like television and newsprint, touting their great prices, wonderful selection, and great service. But when you get into the store is your experience really a satisfying one? Recently I an issue with a 6-month store-brand computer component and tried to return ...

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