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Inbound Marketing is Dead standard

“E-mail is Dead”… according to Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook at the time of the quote “The Internet is Dead”… according to Chris Anderson, Wired Magazine 2010 “Digital Marketing is Dead” … Marc Pritchard, P&G, speaking at Dmexco 2013 None of them are actually dead. In fact, e-mail as an engagement tool is fantastically effective when properly planned and executed. For prosepcting? E-mail is the best drip tool available. And even today we continue to devise products and strategies for highly targeted direct mail that deliver terrific results. Inbound marketing is no exception. What people tend to forget, and the fact a recent article in The Drum reinforces, is not to get too hung up on distribution tactics. Many people gravitate to whatever is ...

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Sharing Tactics for Your Blog Article Promotions Strategy standard

When last we wrote about how we promote our blog articles and how you could as well, we mentioned there was software to make the process easier; there were additional spots on the web where you could also post them. This article will hopefully encourage you to make better use of the Internet in the promotion of your articles and information to share, and if not, to at least convince you to contact an inbound marketing agency (like Zen Marketing) to help get you started. It does not all have to be done at once, and the workload can even be shared by you and the agency you choose. There is no fixed formula for marketing your business through ...

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DIY Marketing & the Top Website Mistakes Most SMB’s Make standard

Most businesses, even solo-preneur’s have taken the time and invested in a website. Any small business that wants to be noticed stake their claim on a domain name and put up a site. It is more or less how business is done these days. The vast majority of business feels adescribe the image certain obligation to have an online presence. A web site after all, is a corporate brochure at a minimum. The simple fact is that nearly 80% of product or service research is now performed online. Those with marketing awareness generally use the corporate site to produce leads for the business entity. The sad truth is however, that quite a lot of small to medium sized businesses lack the critical ...

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There is Never a Penalty for Quality in Inbound Marketing. standard

One of the questions Zen Marketing receive a lot relates to search engine optimization and website design.  Search engine optimization is really about driving the prominence of your website in a search, but seldom do you read about the website in its entirety. A good SEO plan should improve the search engine results plus the web visibility of each page contained within a website. Given that, is there a specific number of pages that a website should  to impact it's SEO? Can your website have too many pages?. Since every business we work with is different, every business website we design and build is uniquely different as well. Obviously the size of a local automobile repair shop's website is going ...

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Marketing: The Care and Feeding of Your Email Marketing List standard

If you are new to email marketing or are in the process of building your first list, you are to be congratulated! Email marketing, despite all protestations to the contrary, is alive and well, and will be for the foreseeable future! On top of that, it is still the one essential piece that needs to be there for long term success online. And that should come as no surprise. If you think about it, this principle applies to every business, whether online or off. All businesses need a list of regular customers and prospect, and this has not and will not change. Have you never tried to occasionally drop a direct mail piece using social media data? Good luck with that!WhyEmail ...

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The Definition of Insanity (as it pertains to inbound marketing) standard

It doesn’t matter at what stage of growth your business resides; napkin idea, start up, emerging enterprise or seasoned business, it will always need your attention. When it comes to growing your business, are you insane? What I mean by this query is there is a saying (attributed to Albert Einstein, by the way): Doing the same things repeatedly but expecting different results is akin to insanity. So, when it comes to marketing your business, are you insane or are you innovative and creative? Do you repeatedly implement the same marketing and sales tactics expecting an upturn in lead generation and new business creation, or are you varying your approach? It wasn’t that long ago we were all summing up the successes ...

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Internet Marketing: What Your Home Page is Saying standard

We all know there are a million things that can go wrong with internet marketing; far too many to name. Getting a handle on every single one of them is impossible, but we all do the best possible when it comes to generating leads and growing our businesses. Your marketing efforts can be sabotaged by your website’s home page without you even being aware. You are constantly looking for shortcomings in our marketing, honing our messages and testing them for the best possible return, but when was the last time your review included your home page, and what it may be saying about your company? Website visitors are a great filter by which we can learn what is working and ...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Content Creation standard

Regardless of your business entity’s status; a start-up or seasoned, when it comes to content creation, you may need some coaching at the beginning. Here are some easy tips to consider when the beginner of an inbound marketing strategy takes on the role of copywriter. Start with the end in mind No matter the effort, it is the results we are all after. Effective copywriting must be directly focused on the organization’s key objectives and goals. Remember, your goal is primary, so if it is to generate more leads, one must consider your present generation methodology and results, and therefore, what you need to do to reach your company targets. If your goal is to simply educate your audiences rather than ...

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