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Should an SMB Take on Every New Client? standard

Sound business marketers place a great deal of emphasis on targeting the audience with whom they wish to attract. It makes sense, because why spend your advertising budget on an inappropriate clientele? Following that logic, shouldn't they be just as selective in deciding whom they chose to do business with? For new business development, as well as a great many other facets of business, being selective in choosing whom to work with can be a good thing. Should an SMB take on every new client? Definitely not! You need to think beyond just selling, and remember that you are entering into a relationship. Such a situation must be based on mutual respect and a large dose of reality. As the owner of ...

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Rising Annual Revenues? Disaster May Be Near… standard

The aphorism "a rising tide lifts all boats" is associated with the idea that improvements in the general economy will benefit all participants in that economy. Many businesses see changes in their top line revenue in this same fashion. Everyone on the planet is aware of the economic storm wreaking havoc on the bond market, shrinking retail demand, diminished revenue growth, the rise in gold prices and the somewhat-stagnant unemployment rate. It has been reported that the U.S. is experiencing a “softening” in the rebound from the “great recession”. European economists cannot seem to accurately assess the future of some of the member EU countries. Yet these same soothsayers press upon others involved to “stay the course” rather than depart ...

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Strategic Marketing Crucial During Stagnant Economies for CPA’s standard

Strategic marketing is crucial during stagnant economies for CPA's. Regardless of this time of year, the current economic storm we find ourselves in does not seem to be relinquishing its grip on the market. It is tax time, and everyone in the financial services field is busy taking care of clients. Let us not forget the importance of the client; we need them now more than ever. Even though the last two quarters of 2012 began to push businesses a bit more towards recovery, we know now that this was a little spark not a substantial blaze. Our economy has been trying to maintain a growth curve, with a few areas of the country actually sliding back toward the abyss the ...

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Leadership: Does Your Company have a No-Texting Policy? standard

Does Your Company have a No-Texting Policy? Would you like to avoid the liability that employee accidents create while driving on the job, while improving the safety of your employees? We have all seen someone texting while they were driving, a huge problem on our roadways today. Trying to craft a message and key it into a 6" device is very distracting. The solution may be establishing a no-texting-while-driving policy. AT&T customers can download a Drive Mode app to help prevent this unsafe practice. This free app temporarily disables certain mobile device features, such as those distracting notification sounds when an incoming text message is received. People trying to reach you will simply receive an automatic response telling them that you'll reply ...

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Top Three Questions Business Leaders Must Ask standard

If you have walked into a department or big-box store in the past few years, you have noticed that the once “intelligent, knowledgeable and courteous sales professional is no longer there. Gone are the days when consumers (whether they are individuals or companies) sought the services of such a specialist prior to making their purchase. The professional sales people have been replaced with minimum wage clerks, customer service and stock attendants. Not to diminish them or their employment situation, it is simply fact. The company that clings to this outdated model is rare. There are many answers to the shift from sales person to clerk; economics (bottom line profits), the talent pool and of course technology. Consumers come to your ...

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