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Lead Your Competition with Content Marketing standard

We have covered the value of creating content marketing to allow prospects to find your website (and find you!) for quite a while now. One way to lead your competition and establish yourself as an industry expert is by creating engaging content in a variety of media. You not only bring valuable attention to your brand, but also gain recognition as you rise above the competition. Content marketing is not really all that new. Neither is the concept of being a market or industry leader. Leading your competition may not be your goal, but driving new business should be. Content marketing IS the way today to build credibility and drive new business creation. Actually, content marketing gets its humble beginning by ...

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Top Three Great Reasons to Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency standard

While there is a plethora (love using that word!) of good reasons to utilize the services of an inbound marketing firm, it is our belief that they all boil down to the three most important, as outlined below. We at Zen Marketing Inc., a fully digital inbound marketing agency believe that we can build your business using the latest methodologies and tactics. Over the past five years Harvard Business Review (aka HBR) studied how patterns of business has changed to the point that instead of solution sales professionals pushing products and services, companies are already 60% involved in the acquisition process for the needs of their particular business processes or concerns. It is in that light that the conversion from ...

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How to Join in the Social Media Conversation standard

Social media is the new word of mouth, so when the conversation online with customers or prospects begins, the friends and contacts that like what they see and react, and are going to join the conversation as well. Perhaps you aren’t monitoring your social media feeds; in that case you are missing out on information.   One of the best ways to spark a conversation online is to write about questions or comments your customers may have mentioned, and reply to them in your content. By incorporating your social media connections into the dialogue, you are enabling a discussion specifically about your brand. How you handle (or do not) questions and requests through social media will either polish or tarnish your company ...

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Email Marketing for Accounting Firms standard

Email marketing is a great way for you to attract or shore up some of the client base, and accounting firms know that once the rush begins, there will be no rest until it is all put aside in late April. It won’t be long until tax filing season comes into focus; often this is no sooner than the holiday decorations are returned to their resting place. Hopefully you got some rest over the long period between holidays, and didn’t suffer too much post-bubbly on New Year’s Eve. You are going to need your strength once the pressure builds and the back and forth of communications starts with your clients and your staff. Marketing is probably not even on your mind, ...

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Five Reasons Why Accountants Should Do Their Own Marketing standard

There are five really great reasons why architects, Lawyers, CPA’s, financial planners, consultants, and other professional services providers should be responsible for their own marketing. You are intelligent beings, after all. The list below makes all the sense in the world, right. Let’s see if you feel this way. I learned to write reports and essays in school. How hard could blogging, article writing, email campaigns and web content be? Search Engine Optimization is just a fancy word for “getting found” on the search engines. I can buy an ad and be at the top of the page. I don’t need analysis; I know how much my leads cost and where they come from. I send my sales people to trade shows all ...

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The Power of Content standard

It really does not matter in which industry you serve, everyone markets to their prospective consumer. Some call them clients, some call them customers, some even call them members; they are all experiencing the effects of your marketing. That friends, is the power of content. Tailored correctly, content that is “persona-fied,” that is, crafted directly at the type of consumer for which you are aiming. Marketers have a huge responsibility. Whether you market to the B2B, B2C, B2Gm B2NP or individual entrepreneurs, you have to not only generate interest, but also do it in such a way that they are actually paying attention. That is the power of content. For those with very tight budgets, content marketing is very affordable. Cost-effective ...

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Inbound Marketing & the False Beliefs in Customer Loyalty standard

What do we mean by inbound marketing & the false beliefs in customer loyalty? While it is a long-standing tenet of business, “the customer is always right” may not be so, at least in the eyes of the traditional sales professional. Customer loyalty is part and parcel of good business, but when sales professionals insist on their target always having the final say is not the best mindset if they don’t actually know of what they espouse. Solution sales processes are clearly outdated in their traditional form, yet clung to by nearly all professional sales executives, at least in the B2B arenas. Based on years of research by the Harvard Business Review, with tens of thousands of interviews pertaining to solution ...

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Inbound Marketing – The 2013 Cure for Business Anxiety? standard

New Year, More Anxiety for Local Business Owners - From a column we produced running in The Hunterdon County Democrat and While 2012 may have been a lackluster year for business, this curative approach could dispel much of the pent up anxiety small business owners may have experienced in 2012. The New Year often brings on strategic planning and tactical reviews to hopefully have a better year ahead. Once the reflective period and resolution setting period is past, the New Year can mean improved revenues, profitability and sustainability as companies learn to embrace inbound marketing. According to John Hyman, the “Overseer of Order” at Zen Marketing Inc in Flemington, “business owners should take advantage of proven, modern marketing practices such as ...

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Lead Generation & Nurturing for Your Accounting Firm – Part Four standard

To wrap up this series on Lead generation and lead nurturing, we’ll explore the ideal prospect, how to actually construct a lead nurturing system, and more. This is the final installment in a four part series dedicated to lead generation and lead nurturing process. No business can be successful with new client development without a strong understanding of this phase in the sales cycle. You can read in initial installment by clicking here. How Do You Envision the Ideal Prospect? Whether a firm knows it or not, they have some sort of prospect nurturing system. It is my opinion that if they cannot describe it in details, they don’t know enough to ever have a great closing rate. Just about every prospect ...

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Lead Generation & Nurturing for Your Accounting Firm – Part Three standard

Part three of four This is the third installment in a four part series dedicated to lead generation and lead nurturing process. No business can be successful with new client development without a strong understanding of this phase in the sales cycle. You can read the initial installment which can be found here. Here are a few areas to discover critical functionality indicators inside a lead nurturing marketing campaign: Engagement: Identify the email open and click-through rates. This data is a great starting point for your tracking efforts. Lead acceleration: Are leads moving according to expectation through the lead funnel? How does the time it takes to convert from lead to converting to a sell-ready state? Are leads attentive to your firm’s content strategy? ...

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