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Networking and Referrals Tops with SMB’s… Maybe? standard

Networking and Referrals Tops with SMB's... Maybe? When asked for their best sources of lead generation, a recent article and poll suggests so. But is this really the truth? A friend and business owner I admire recently shared a magazine article that addressed lead generation strategies. According to the article, the use of websites and the internet came in third at 63%, as the most popular answer of how leads will be generated in 2014. Referrals and networking were #1 and #2. The article further discusses SEO and SMO, which my friend knows is right up my alley. He also commented that the article really supported my position on the importance of inbound marketing. Referral and networking are always the top answers ...

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How to get the word out about products and services. standard

How to get the word out about products and services.? Small to medium sized companies all struggle with how to get the word out about their products and services. The best have found that there is no magic marketing formula or technology that produces instant results, and that every entrepreneur has to create their own unique vision and then a strategic plan (aka the roadmap) if they wish to achieve success. Many solo entrepreneurs are hopeful that they will find the kind of instant fame that will help propel them beyond their sales expectations. While I suppose this could happen, it is extremely rare. In my line of work I see new business start-ups, trades people, and private contractors who are ...

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