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There is Never a Penalty for Quality in Inbound Marketing. standard

One of the questions Zen Marketing receive a lot relates to search engine optimization and website design.  Search engine optimization is really about driving the prominence of your website in a search, but seldom do you read about the website in its entirety. A good SEO plan should improve the search engine results plus the web visibility of each page contained within a website. Given that, is there a specific number of pages that a website should  to impact it's SEO? Can your website have too many pages?. Since every business we work with is different, every business website we design and build is uniquely different as well. Obviously the size of a local automobile repair shop's website is going ...

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How to get the most from your web presence standard

How to get the most from your web presence is a struggle for many small businesses. No matter what the size of your business, it's important to have a relevant message, delivered through an effective, optimized website. Small companies often comment that they get much of their new business from referrals, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't invest some of your time, talent, and treasure in your online presence. Sure, you may be able to maintain your business with a good referral process, but a web presence will ensure that you are able to grow it over time. One of the most important digital marketing tenets is to ensure that your website is getting found! A simple tactic we suggest ...

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Inbound Marketing Begins With Good Search Tactics standard

Inbound marketing begins with good search tactics. We all want to see great organic search engine results. Where else can we get a daily (hourly?) measurable snapshot of a result in our business? And many small business owners, especially retail enterprises and craftsman/tradesman, need to be found by people residing or playing in a few specific geographic areas. They want search results to rank high so their business can be found on the web yet cannot justify the high fees most SEO firms set. If you have a website, and a marketing plan, and are interested in learning how to improve your inbound marketing results here are some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basics that can be done to assist your local ...

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