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Internet Marketing: What Your Home Page is Saying standard

We all know there are a million things that can go wrong with internet marketing; far too many to name. Getting a handle on every single one of them is impossible, but we all do the best possible when it comes to generating leads and growing our businesses. Your marketing efforts can be sabotaged by your website’s home page without you even being aware. You are constantly looking for shortcomings in our marketing, honing our messages and testing them for the best possible return, but when was the last time your review included your home page, and what it may be saying about your company? Website visitors are a great filter by which we can learn what is working and ...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Content Creation standard

Regardless of your business entity’s status; a start-up or seasoned, when it comes to content creation, you may need some coaching at the beginning. Here are some easy tips to consider when the beginner of an inbound marketing strategy takes on the role of copywriter. Start with the end in mind No matter the effort, it is the results we are all after. Effective copywriting must be directly focused on the organization’s key objectives and goals. Remember, your goal is primary, so if it is to generate more leads, one must consider your present generation methodology and results, and therefore, what you need to do to reach your company targets. If your goal is to simply educate your audiences rather than ...

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Email Marketing for Accounting Firms standard

Email marketing is a great way for you to attract or shore up some of the client base, and accounting firms know that once the April rush begins, there will be no rest until it is all put aside. It won’t be long until tax filing season comes into focus; no sooner than the holiday decorations are returned to their resting place. It’s a vicious cycle familiar to those in the world of tax preparation and unique to that industry. The CPA’s and EA’s we work with strive to build up their rest over the period between holidays, and avoid drinking too much bubbly on New Year’s Eve. You know you are going to need your strength once the pressure ...

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Content Marketing Adoption and Success standard

We have been writing about content marketing, also known as inbound marketing, for more than 18 months, and our clients are enjoying the greater exposure and qualified leads this marketing approach provides them. Yet we occasionally are invited to meet with prospective client firms that are reluctant in adopting the concept. I thought it might be a good time for those that are undecided about getting started with an inbound approach to have a look at what our firm considers to be the formula for online marketing success. Of course, those already using inbound marketing can use this as a checklist to measure the progress of their process. Begin with the end in mind Make sure you know where your success ...

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Don’t Speak Jargon to Your Buyers- Use Plain English standard

If you want to get your point across and make a friend, use plain English. Industry jargon may be fine for working around your coworkers, industry friends and associates, but it should not be used in sales presentations. Jargon is one of the greatest frustrations for a buyer. The inability to grasp what is being said when speaking to a sales person will kill a sale every time. Your job as sales pro is to close the deal, but your success rate depends on building rapport and a relationship with your prospect. If they cannot “get it” you are wasting your time. Your presentation should be easily explained in layman’s terms so that even a high school student can ...

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Deceptive Sales 101 (A great plug for Inbound marketing) standard

Or why pretending to be someone’s Grandmother isn’t going to help you get that order. My latest favorite term is Sales Prevention Officer… borrowed from Jonathan Farrington on the Eyes on Sales blog. Professional, effective sales processes are a combination of art and science. A great sales person is trained in acting, engineering, politics, relationship building and strategic planning. The best salespeople understand personal improvement is a never ending process. They study constantly and follow a process or systematic approach. They invest for the long term. But some people feel the need to cheat the system. They seek a faster and less arduous path to making fast money rather than a long term process. That is why I admire some of the ...

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Hosting an Event? Use a Hashtag for Marketing It. standard

If your business regularly uses events such as workshops or public speaking engagements, whether for promotional purposes, or actual revenue generation, then you'll know how difficult it can be to generate a buzz around your event. But without genuine excitement in your target audience, how can you be sure that enough people will attend to make your event worthwhile? The good news is that social media offers new avenues for engaging with your potential audience. For rapid-fire engagement with today’s time-poor consumers, nothing beats Twitter. But updates on Twitter are limited to a maximum of 140 characters, meaning your message could flash past in an instant. And how can you track whether people are talking about your event, and make ...

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Pay Per Click is Probably Not the Answer to Better Lead Generation standard

For many a small business, especially those that rely on generating as many leads as possible online, pay per click is an easy answer, but it may not be the answer to your marketing dilemma. Your lead generation is what drives your business, and your marketing budget must yield as large an ROI as possible, which PPC can sometimes deliver quickly. Sure, people will tell you all of the great things about pay per click, (otherwise known as PPC) but PPC has some downsides that need to be understood as well. When depending on your PPC Article Imagewebsite to attract new clients and prospects to your business, there are a host of tools to consider. Pay Per Click is just ...

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Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses standard

Even if you don't use it you already know Facebook is one of the most powerful social network platforms. You have probably come to realize that it’s not just for teenagers and socialites, but also for the small private business as well. Why? Because Facebook gives every business owner an effective and affordable marketing tool. But we will agree to one thing: Facebook marketing can be intimidating. When it comes to marketing your small business, social media should be part of your game plan. If you do not yet have a Facebook page for your business, stop what you are doing and call a marketing agency! Okay, it's so simple you really can do it yourself and in under half ...

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