My Business Needs a New Website

"My business needs a new website"

And we need something effective and affordable

Small business owners have a unique set of needs when it comes to a new website.

My Business Needs a New Website … can you help?

They need a website that is searchable, looks professional, and is scaleable to meet their future needs. They need it to be stable. They don’t have a Fortune 500 budget for this, either.

They also need the guidance of marketing professionals to insure their message is clear and understood, that best practices in layout and functionality are adhered to, and allows for integration with proven inbound marketing tactics and social media.

Our approach to delivering compelling websites is unique and leverages our team’s collective years of experience. We can provide much  more than just programming- but the right message, the right professional imagery, videography, writing, graphic arts- everything to help your company stand out in a very crowded world wide web.

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What is “Managed Hosting”?

Our websites are designed using the latest advances in security, analytics, and performance. The various API’s, plug-ins, widgets, and even the platform itself must undergo periodic upgrades in order to stay up to date with the latest and greatest advancements. Zen Marketing websites are hosted on a dedicated server. And our technical team is always monitoring the performance, load sharing, and security of our client’s sites.

Even organizations with the most expertise and resources, and the most to lose, can’t make zero downtime happen over the long term. In June 2012 Google was down for about 10 minutes. According to some very approximate calculations based on Google’s 2011 revenues spread evenly over the year, this equates to around $750,000 in lost revenue. Our managed approach insures the best stability and performance, and reduces downtime (our client sites exhibited a 97% up time in 2013).

Even our Email Hosting is Different.

There are so many (often really, really cheap) email service providers that you may wonder why we bundle email services with our web hosting packages. The answer is simple: our clients demand the very best and we cannot deliver that level of service or support by handing them off to some “big box” provider.

Recently a financial services client discovered an enormous uptick in their volume of spam. We immediately brought some a new filtering software online, and visited then, personally coaching them into some advanced ways to better utilize the tools built within their mail client. Within one week their volume of spam in just one inbox dropped from over 300 spam emails to less than 50. The employee was so pleased they called to share the information with us.

Ever see that from some sell-it-cheap operation? Didn’t think so.

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Get Results Sooner and With Less Cash Flow Dependance

Help your cash flow while you jump start your marketing

Qualifying small business owners, especially start-up businesses, can take advantage of Zen Marketing’s installment plan. You’ll have a new website and marketing process to help drive your business forward without having to shoulder the entire investment  all up front. Our installment plan is tailored to fit small business and when installments are paid on schedule, no interest charges are accrued.

Our clients really like being able to pay for their investment from the new business we collaboratively generate.

Just complete the form here, and let’s start the conversation.

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