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Five Reasons Why Accountants Should Do Their Own Marketing standard

There are five really great reasons why architects, Lawyers, CPA’s, financial planners, consultants, and other professional services providers should be responsible for their own marketing. You are intelligent beings, after all. The list below makes all the sense in the world, right. Let’s see if you feel this way. I learned to write reports and essays in school. How hard could blogging, article writing, email campaigns and web content be? Search Engine Optimization is just a fancy word for “getting found” on the search engines. I can buy an ad and be at the top of the page. I don’t need analysis; I know how much my leads cost and where they come from. I send my sales people to trade shows all ...

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Can Architects Create Sustainability in Business Development? standard

Can Architects Create Sustainability in Business Development? We believe that they can... Your business development or sales organization has been very busy. Think about all that time spent drafting emails, responding to voice mails, writing proposals with little or no real relevance, pitching to non-decision makers and not holding prospects accountable to commitments… in actuality that is a lot of time NOT spent selling, it is time spent chasing! What percentage of the overall time of your sales efforts are actually spent actually selling with new prospects? And how does your brand and/or credibility suffer from these typical but common sales activities? Time is Your Most Valuable Asset Consider the impact on your top line revenue if you were able to reduce the ...

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