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Five Reasons Why Accountants Should Do Their Own Marketing standard

There are five really great reasons why architects, Lawyers, CPA’s, financial planners, consultants, and other professional services providers should be responsible for their own marketing. You are intelligent beings, after all. The list below makes all the sense in the world, right. Let’s see if you feel this way. I learned to write reports and essays in school. How hard could blogging, article writing, email campaigns and web content be? Search Engine Optimization is just a fancy word for “getting found” on the search engines. I can buy an ad and be at the top of the page. I don’t need analysis; I know how much my leads cost and where they come from. I send my sales people to trade shows all ...

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The Evolution of Referral Marketing for NJ Attorneys and Architects standard

The Evolution of Referral Marketing for NJ Attorneys and Architects is fascinating. Remember when commercials were only about products for sale on television? There were “new and improved” this and that, “try this new” whatever. That sort of thing constituted the bulk of television advertising. Websites, content marketing, social media and blogging did not exist. Marketing hadn’t changed in decades; Madison Avenue made certain of that. There were ads for cars, trucks, cigarettes and booze, but never would one see a lawyer offering money for injuries, or for the hospitals that sent the ambulances for their potential clientele. Remember when television ads for medical centers, prescription medicines, personal hygiene and contraceptive products, bankruptcy filing, and personal injury lawyers hawking their services simply ...

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