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Reverse Cold-Calling, or How to Lose a Customer in 10 Seconds or Less standard

We know it as Cold Calling 2.0 (in our office we refer to it as interruptive sales) but there is a tactic in telemarketing and phone sales that is guaranteed NOT win the hearts and minds of your potential customers. Don’t know to what I am referring? Reverse – cold calling is the act of trickery in getting someone to phone you. Here’s an example: “Hello, is Mr. Jones in?” “Will you please leave him a very urgent message about a significant purchase we would like to make?” Obviously, when Mr. Jones returns to his office and is told by his secretary that a very important call may mean a big sale. Of course Mr. Jones will call you back immediately. ...

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Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Data? standard

Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Data? Professional services firms (PSF’s) rely on many things to accomplish their revenue goals, and marketing strategy certainly plays a big part. But do CPA’s, Lawyers, Architects and other PSF’s incorporate data into their marketing efforts? Whether traditional advertising methodologies or the use of digital, inbound marketing, or even a combination of the two, the data collected from the marketing activities should drive your marketing strategy. Data-driven content marketing (also called inbound and/or digital) can change the entire outcome, especially when it is automated. There is no denying that CPA’s and accountants are involved with numerical data all day long; how much of it is intended for their marketing efforts? Not as near as much as ...

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Maximizing Your Direct Mail Campaign in the Digital Marketing Era standard

You rarely hit a home run in small business marketing; small ball works best. A well defined marketing plan around a realistic number of differing tactics will run up the score nicely. But because of restrictive budgets (or sometimes attitudes) many small businesses try a tactic and when the home run doesn’t happen abandon it and move on to the next “idea of the week”. This is certainly the case with direct mail. Before the onslaught of the internet, websites, e-mail marketing and social media the war was between newspaper advertising and direct mail. The savvy business person who was unafraid to invest the time and money to secure a well defined mailing list and manage it properly had a ...

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Lead Your Competition with Content Marketing standard

We have covered the value of creating content marketing to allow prospects to find your website (and find you!) for quite a while now. One way to lead your competition and establish yourself as an industry expert is by creating engaging content in a variety of media. You not only bring valuable attention to your brand, but also gain recognition as you rise above the competition. Content marketing is not really all that new. Neither is the concept of being a market or industry leader. Leading your competition may not be your goal, but driving new business should be. Content marketing IS the way today to build credibility and drive new business creation. Actually, content marketing gets its humble beginning by ...

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How to Join in the Social Media Conversation standard

Social media is the new word of mouth, so when the conversation online with customers or prospects begins, the friends and contacts that like what they see and react, and are going to join the conversation as well. Perhaps you aren’t monitoring your social media feeds; in that case you are missing out on information.   One of the best ways to spark a conversation online is to write about questions or comments your customers may have mentioned, and reply to them in your content. By incorporating your social media connections into the dialogue, you are enabling a discussion specifically about your brand. How you handle (or do not) questions and requests through social media will either polish or tarnish your company ...

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What Does the NJ Supreme Court and Inbound Marketing Have in Common? standard

What Does the NJ Supreme Court and Inbound Marketing Have in Common? If you follow the local industry news you know about the March 6, 2010 NJ Supreme Court unanimous decision on KPMG LLP’s previous Appellate Court negligence ruling. Big Win was the title of the article. Big Win indeed. What does the NJ Supreme Court have in common with inbound marketing? Not much other than the ruling. It’s the publication of the ruling that is now an integral part of the future of KPMG’s inbound marketing campaign. This wave of news across various media is PR (public relations- a critical facet of inbound marketing). I am sure KPMG LLP’s marketing department is celebrating even more than the principals of the company ...

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