This is what makes Zen Marketing unique

This is what makes Zen Marketing unique.

No business can truly achieve success without a great vision and a team of seasoned professionals. The Zen Marketing team are a family of specialists that are at the top of their professions. We work virtually and interactively, taking advantage of all modern methods of communication to deliver results for our clients.

Meet the Zen Marketing team.

John Hyman, Overseer of OrderJohn – Overseer of Order

With over forty years of serving the business development needs of both publicly traded and privately held companies, John always has a pulse on the needs of the small business owner. John’s background as a business coach, management consultant, and sales/marketing guru has proven very beneficial to developing growth strategies ideally suited for entrepreneurs. Clients look to John’s experience developing comprehensive strategic plans as well as adapting modern marketing strategies for both the web and print.

In addition to his core skill set, John also employs his certification in behavior analysis to management and sales team development and marketing messaging. Regardless of the budget, John will help companies in a diverse group of industries have a voice in their respective marketplaces and can provide the tools to take advantage of it.


Alex headshot for websiteAlex – All things web

Staying abreast of the fast changing landscape of the world-wide-web is the passion of Alex. Pioneering new and low-cost methods while providing companies of all shapes and sizes a strong, searchable web presence is where Alex excels. His knowledge base was rooted in the corporate world but defined working with the small to medium sized companies that Zen Marketing Inc. seeks to serve.

Alex has an amazing  skill with programming and search engine optimization, but is also adept at understanding the challenges of web hosting and servers. He also has a tremendous grasp of functional website design, and is the reason why our client’s sites are secure and stay up to date with their add-ons and plug-ins.


David – How to attract and engage your audienceDavid  How to attract and engage your audience

With years of experience in business himself, David has become a force of nature in the world of creating blog and article content. He is a fearless researcher, willing to take on almost any industry. And his ability to write business articles is one of the primary reasons why our clients enjoy enormous exposure on social media sites and through organic search results. David is an avid traveler, having just returned from Ecuador.

White papers, articles, press releases, blog posts… need a book published? David is a terrific ghost  writer, too! And, when David is traveling across other countries, his tablet is blazing, with new ideas and concepts for terrific articles for Zen clients.


Patrick for websiteLilia – Not a one trick pony!

Lilia is a talented writer and a fearless researcher. Her work with Zen Marketing has spanned engineering, mechanical, plumbing, and all manner of professional trades. But Lilia is no one-trick pony! She has also developed her repertoire in alternative and holistic medicine and chiropractic fields. And she is bilingual in Spanish.

Lilia has written webpages, blog posts, and is a great interviewer. She has created content for print, digital and screen use, plus she has expertise in HTML and many other desktop applications.

Lilia graduated Cum Laude from the University of Houston and has an elegant style that would be a great addition to any project.


Patrick for websitePatrick – a fresh and creative voice

Patrick is an American copywriter, originally based in Philadelphia, who is currently traveling around Europe. He is a graduate of Brown University and worked as an English teacher in China before becoming a copywriter. Isn’t being digitally connected amazing?

Patrick enjoys taking on new clients and learning about industries he knows nothing about. His work includes blog posts, web pages, and social media ads, across industries as diverse as finance, online gambling, and HVAC.

In his spare time, Patrick enjoys cooking, making music, and wandering around.


Samantha for websiteSamantha – Visual arts for the words

To communicate at the highest level, a proper graphic image is important. But this science must transcend merely the logo and be applicable and appropriate for many different platforms and types of collateral. Zen clients rely on her 15+ years of experience, as a graphic artist in the corporate identity fields, to develop understandable visual corporate identities that are as impressive on a web page as they are on apparel, promotional products, and marketing materials.

Does your business need a professional corporate identity package (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, forms)? is it time to up your branding image with a new logo? Samantha can provide a great design. In addition, Samantha also provides the resources to deliver appropriate specialty advertising materials across a diverse spectrum of products.


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