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Networking and Referrals Tops with SMB’s… Maybe? standard

Networking and Referrals Tops with SMB's... Maybe? When asked for their best sources of lead generation, a recent article and poll suggests so. But is this really the truth? A friend and business owner I admire recently shared a magazine article that addressed lead generation strategies. According to the article, the use of websites and the internet came in third at 63%, as the most popular answer of how leads will be generated in 2014. Referrals and networking were #1 and #2. The article further discusses SEO and SMO, which my friend knows is right up my alley. He also commented that the article really supported my position on the importance of inbound marketing. Referral and networking are always the top answers ...

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Closed Loop Marketing for Accounting Firms standard

Closed loop marketing probably wasn't a terminology taught at Pace University or other fine schools with a focus on accounting. But it probably should have been. With time to focus on things other than late tax filings, closed loop marketing is a great follow up our article on Relationship Management. Remember the discussion about data, and how it can be utilized? Closed loop marketing is the best way to take data and create revenues. The more data you collect and segment, the more you can understand behaviors of targeted groups. Dissecting and segmenting small bits of data can create a large picture of what your customer types really look like.pile of junk mail Closed loop marketing; using internal and external customer ...

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Lead Generation & Nurturing for Your Accounting Firm standard

Lead Generation & Nurturing for Your Accounting Firm is vitally important. Regardless of the methodology of lead generation you employ, in all probability your accounting firm will spend considerable time, energy and financial resources on lead generation. Some firms utilize direct mail, telemarketing, referral or customer-based marketing, trade shows, networking and a host of other strategies to generate leads and revenues. Others use their own particular formula for marketing and advertising. Lead generation and lead nurturing are top-of-the-funnel aspects of marketing and sales in every business; yours is no different. This article is not about the strategy, it is about the process. It is centered on lead generation & nurturing. As an inbound marketing agency our company, Zen Marketing, is in the ...

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Top 4 Reasons Services Business Fail standard

Why do professionals services businesses fail? In this fast-paced world of business, mostly professional service firms such as lawyers, architects, structural engineers and financial service providers, are hesitant to move toward social media as a means for growing business. If your intent is to stay the course with your current marketing and sales methodologies, you are probably also defining yourself through the use of these following top 4 reasons for failure. After all, none of these business sectors seem very alluring, fun or exciting. As valuable as these products and services may be, they aren’t top of mind services of which people are routinely in need. Banks and other financial institutions may be, but most have shied away from the ...

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Inbound Marketing Begins With Good Search Tactics standard

Inbound marketing begins with good search tactics. We all want to see great organic search engine results. Where else can we get a daily (hourly?) measurable snapshot of a result in our business? And many small business owners, especially retail enterprises and craftsman/tradesman, need to be found by people residing or playing in a few specific geographic areas. They want search results to rank high so their business can be found on the web yet cannot justify the high fees most SEO firms set. If you have a website, and a marketing plan, and are interested in learning how to improve your inbound marketing results here are some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basics that can be done to assist your local ...

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