Are you a small business owner looking to accelerate top line revenue through better lead generation?

A new marketing strategy and a new marketing partner can make all the difference. Zen Marketing may be the right partner. Zen Marketing specializes in developing strategic marketing and advertising programs that help Small Businesses build successful and highly profitable businesses. Clients come to Zen Marketing for:

  • Functional Website Design
  • Great Content Creation
  • Amazing Graphic Design
  • Print+Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing

Why would anyone rely on a geek to handle the most important function in the future of their company’s success, it’s marketing?

Top line revenue acceleration is crucial to every small business. Are you a small business owner looking to accelerate top line revenue through better lead generation? Go beyond programming and trust in a proven marketing firm!

It has to be responsive!

Did you know that as of January 2014:

  • 90% of American adults have a cell phone
  • 58% of American adults have a smartphone
  • 32% of American adults own an e-reader
  • 42% of American adults own a tablet computer

If your website is more than five years old the odds are mobile users are likely passing your website by. This rapidly growing base of American consumers and business people simply can’t display your older site properly on their devices.

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It has to offer great value.

The Zen Marketing value proposition is a simple one- our websites blend terrific design, excellent functionality, and outstanding support. Plus they integrate within a diverse overall marketing plan (which we can also help you with, because we are a real marketing agency that happens to also build great websites, not just some geek who writes code). Our approach to new website creation is easier on your company’s cash flow, too. While Zen Marketing will never be the “cheapest” our track record of success makes it possible for us to provide almost any small to medium sized company an affordable website their clients will be genuinely impressed with.


As the linchpin of inbound marketing, quality content not only drives sales, attracts customers and builds relationships, content also builds credibility and brand awareness.

Providing engaging content on your website or blog is the key to generating traffic, and traffic is where your potential customers come from.  Content is the new marketing, and nine out of ten people are searching for solutions to their concerns, and are not necessarily looking for individual companies.  Attracting those consumers is the role of content, and the role of business.  Sponsored ads, banner messaging and other forms of advertising are ignored in this day of consumer driven sales. Therefore, engaging, compelling content must be original and relevant, drawing more interest and visibility toward a brand.

In today’s digital world, content is king!

We guarantee your satisfaction with every piece of content, or you pay nothing. We guarantee to be on time, or you pay nothing.  At Zen Marketing, you work directly with your own native English speaking staff-writers, assuring your message is targeted and clear. We are happy to re-write as many times as necessary to completely satisfy you. New to Zen Marketing?  Your first Blog Post is free.

Drive results with unique content from Zen Marketing.


White paper design and creation

Let our experienced and very talented graphic artists help drive your message beyond words.

Incredible Details

Our team of graphic artists are amazingly talented. They can take your vision and help create a visual recognition of that, in the form of a logo. They can then use that logo for the creation of a complete corporate identity package, including highly compelling:

  • Business cards
  • Brochures (in a myriad of shapes and sizes)
  • Folders and sales materials
  • Promotional items and materials
  • Marketing Flyers
  • Signage (such as yard signs, window clings, vehicle magnets)

And we have the resources to source and produce these materials at very advantageous prices.

Corporate ID package from Zen Marketing

Go Beyond the Ordinary

Business marketing collateral like letterhead and business cards is crucial for building credibility in any business. Zen Marketing can design and source compelling apparel, signage, and promotional products that can keep your brand top of mind with your intended audience. From yard signs to yo-yo’s, technology products to music players the right gifts and promotional products, with your branding on it, can quickly separate your brand from your competitions.

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Blending great database analysis with proven direct mail practices insures your mail gets delivered and gets read.

The web is great, and we all rely on e-mail, but direct mail is alive and well.

Despite all of the revolutions in marketing, direct mail is still a vitally important tool. A properly crafted direct mail campaign can generate a generous return on investment and drive lead conversion opportunities for your business. It also features prominently in building top of mind awareness with your target audience. More importantly, the widespread use of the web has actually generated new applications within direct mail. There are emerging technologies that can actually enhance a direct mail marketing campaign, improving readership and data capture.

Stack of envelopes

Not all Direct Mail Campaigns Are Executed Properly

Many direct mail campaigns end up with a waste of money and time, with thousands of mailers ending up in the circular files of your intended audience. What can you do to keep your mail out of the trash? Schedule a consultation with Zen Marketing and find out more.

Go Beyond the Ordinary

PURLS, dedicated landing pages, calls to action, and cross channel allow for innovative new direct mail tactics which can take any direct mail marketing campaign to a whole new level.


Our enlightened approach extends beyond marketing

It is well recognized that the proper use of email marketing is one of the best tools for building engagement. Unfortunately, too many individuals abuse relationship marketing, an area where email excels! But with the right plan, a little respect, and a professional email marketing platform you can expand the reach of your marketing and quickly advance your brands top of mind awareness.

Did we forget to mention that you can also add some marketing automation in the process? You can automate your marketing like big corporations do!

Zen Marketing is a Master Certified Solution Provider with Constant Contact and has been a Solution Provider for over eight years. We know how to fully utilize the platform and can coach users in the best practices in email marketing. We frequently host workshops and training and can help you to become a competent email marketer in no time at all.

Constant Contact is one of the best marketing values, in terms of its low cost and its utility. It offers a powerful, integrated marketing platform that is easy to use. Click the button below to learn more about all of the features and benefits of email marketing with Constant Contact.

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The History of Marketing Told in Video

Would you like us to produce a stunning white board video for your website, too?

Video marketing positively impacts lead generation and sales. If your business is not using video in its marketing scheme, you’re likely losing customers to those who do.

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