How Can My Small Business Succeed?

How can my small business succeed?

Zen Marketing consults and coaches privately held companies on matters that affect their businesses! From creating an inbound marketing process, designing and building relevant and searchable websites, adopting strategic planning techniques, accelerating revenue, and sharing best practices, Zen Marketing specializes in low-cost marketing strategies, and compelling website design/build, encompassing (but not limited to) email marketing, direct mail marketing, advertising, sales development, and the use of social media.

Business owners come to Zen Marketing to help them create the right voice and get that voice out to their intended customer. As a certified HubSpot® and Constant Contact® Solution Provider, Zen Marketing helps companies better leverage their marketing spend, with the tools and assistance that will allow them to generate top of mind awareness.

LinkedIn Top 1 Percent Graphic for websiteOur background is marketing, sales development, and product development – merchandising. We have worked with large publicly traded corporations and small privately held companies. We have 30+ years of experience marketing to major department stores, mass retailers, and specialty retailers and have consistently produced stunning results. Several of our team members have lived and worked internationally as well. Best of all, all of our training and experience is transferable to the small to medium sized companies we presently work with in the Metro New York/Philadelphia area.

Some of the topics we regularly work with businesses include:


In addition:


In short, Zen Marketing is the part-time director of sales & marketing for companies that don’t need or can’t afford a full-time marketing executive and/or sales manager on their staff.

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