Using Video for Small Business Marketing

Are You Using Video for Small Business Marketing?

As you have observed throughout our website, Zen Marketing is a big believer in inbound marketing. And while a great inbound strategy involves content a great source for online content is video.

Consider these facts (from the Demand generation Benchmark Survey for 2012 by B2B. This graph is depicting the percentage of marketing respondents and the various tactics they deploy:

B2B Video Chart 2012


Video is being utilized more than white papers and case studies (this blew us away). It is being utilized more than Live Demonstrations with Representatives!

And not everyone has the time to read, and many people are visual learners. Watching someone presenting a message to us is instinctive to our ingrained social skills, from very early ages. Body language and language evoke emotion, which is very powerful to the viewer.

Plus a good inbound marketing campaign using content (words and video) and the right calls to action are great for building website traffic.

So, should you be using video to diversify your marketing strategy? You betcha! Need further proof? YouTube is today’s #2 leading search engine!

So, it‘s really a questions of which type of video is best for you and your business.

The Simplest (and least costly) Approach to Adding Video to your Marketing Mix

Everyone is familiar with PowerPoint®, and at one time or another has been to a training or workshop with a presenter using this slide show application. It’s powerful, can include photography, graphs, charts, illustrations, and when designed properly can include transitions and animations to make the flow better and improve understanding.

The simplest way to add video to your website is to embed some appropriate music to your polished up PowerPoint presentation, and then convert the file to an mp4. When done correctly, the slide transitions and animations will work just like a video, as shown in this video.

If you need help creating a great looking PowerPoint-based video, just contact us. They require less time and cost less than any other form of video, and are great for the web.

In the sidebar (to your right) is an excerpt from a video we created for a client, as well as one we created for ourselves.

The Coolest in Video Right Now

Perhaps you have seen a whiteboard video, sometimes referred to as a storyboard video? They are simply a recording of a graphic artist rendering a story, with movement and progression. Some may even include a narrator or presenter.

A whiteboard video is in essence a huge a time-lapse, or sometimes stop-motion. Originally actual animation was rarely used but this has started to be seen more often, as the use of whiteboard video has gained in popularity. Today there is even software to create the whiteboard animations, although the process has varying quality.

Take a look at the whiteboard video in the sidebar (to your right). There is also another one on our home page.

Sometimes a Picture IS Worth A Thousand Words

Traditional video, employing the use of a script, actor(s), props, backdrops, a cinematographer, and a video camera has proven effective for marketing businesses in almost every industry. These require more planning and a more sizeable budget, but it aligns well with people’s preference behavior and social mores.

This approach to messaging is completely tailored to your business and to your target audience. And it can be used on a website, distributed via social media, and used in email marketing.

The “composite” video, to your bottom right, is a creative approach and a compelling video technique.

According to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executives would prefer to watch a video than read text. In this report:

  • 65% of those who view a video click through to visit the supporting website,
  • 50% look for more information and
  • 45% report that they contacted a vendor after seeing an online video ad.
  • About 50% of those who viewed an online marketing video went on to make a purchase for their business.

In 2010, an Implix email marketing survey found that including a video in an introductory email increased the click-through rate by 96%! Think about how many more people would be clicking through to your website if you included a video in your marketing emails.

Here are a few areas where traditional video methods are very effective:

  • Client testimonials
  • Tutorials (How to’s)
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Webcast
  • Sales videos
  • Teachings/Learnings
  • Real Estate listings
  • Automobile reviews

The bottom Line

Video marketing positively impacts lead generation and sales. If your business is not using video in its marketing scheme, you’re likely losing customers to those who do.

If you would like to learn how to achieve greater engagement rates, higher click-through rates and higher conversion rates, contact Zen Marketing and let’s how including video in your marketing plan can work for you.

Mobile video reached over 54 million people in 2012. It’s simply easier to play on mobile devices than text is.

Source: Edwards Media

Here is an example of a PowerPoint-based Website Video:

Here is another of a PowerPoint-based Website Video:

500 years of YouTube videos are watched everyday on Facebook, and over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute.

Source: Edwards Media

Here is a Whiteboard video, created for a national contest:

A number of years ago Google purchased YouTube and integrated video into its generic search queries. This means that including video on your website gives you one more advantage to being found by search engines.

Here is a “composite” video, for the same contest as above:

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