Don’t make these branding mistakes;  there can be legal implications. Branding is not only a marketing concern.

Here are a few do’s and dont’s when it comes to designing your brand.

  1. DO make sure your brand graphically promises what you deliver. Meeting expectations is one of the best ways to avoid legal problems.
  2. DO be different. If your brand looks like everyone else (or worse, like someone else in particular) then your chances for protection are slim.
  3. DO make sure your brand includes multiple product names, slogans, color schemes, etc. so you have options in case something goes bad.
  4. DON’T spend a lot of money implementing a brand without researching whether you are stepping on someone else’s. Just think about having to cancel your ads, repackage your product, redo your whole website and reprint all your marketing materials.
  5. DON’T  think you can just make a small change to a competitor’s brand and be ok.
  6. DON’T  waste time and money applying for state trademark registrations. Federal trademarks always trump them.


And if you have reservations contact a trademark or copyright attorney. We have such a person on speed dial!