Responsive email on a smartphoneIf you have attended one of our email marketing workshops you’ll recall our coaching on enhancing email layout and design, as it relates to the growth of the smartphone.

Constant Contact is now rolling out several new templates, utilizing responsive display design (like the websites we design do). This will enable your content and images to be easier to view on nearly any mobile device, be it a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

Why Should I Care?

Data shows that >50% of email opens are taking place on a mobile device.

You want to provide an optimal customer experience and know the value to driving greater customer engagement and website traffic through email marketing.

70% of mobile consumers immediately delete emails that don’t render nicely on their device.

If that statistic isn’t compelling enough to change your mindset, then consider this: it’s faster to build your next email from a responsive email template than to build an email from a traditional HTML template.

It is a huge time saver.

Responsive emails have a more structured template and are more pre-defined than the traditional template, which saves time in both design and building.

In summary: move to responsive emails because:

  • You will be able to get your emails built faster.
  • Subscribers will opt-out if you don’t.
  • The majority of your subscribers open on a mobile device.
  • Your open rates increase when emails are responsive.

Now you had better insure that your website is responsive after they click through!

Get One Month Free

If you refer a local business, or own a local business, who signs up for a one-year subscription with Constant Contact through Zen Marketing, you will receive one month added to your subscription absolutely free! Plus, all new subscriptions get free setup and receive a customized responsive template to match their website, too! But don’t delay, because this this offer expires on 04/30/2015. Click here to schedule a call.

Responsive email on a desktop

Responsive email templates, shown here on a desktop, are fast and easy to customize.