Will Your Search Ranking Result In More Conversions? How do you insure that a good search ranking will result in more conversions to clients or customers?

A significant investment in traditional local SEO may not bring in a lot of new business. EG: A high ranking for a search string like ‘Edison Managed IT Services’ will not likely draw a significant number of leads in and of itself, as IT and business managers don’t tend to make vendor decisions based on organic Google searches. IT services are a strategic relationship like legal and accounting and get established via trust.

It pays to invest in creating amazing content for the web that will help companies save money (IT in this example). So do it regularly. Try to get local speaking engagements and opportunities to write for local offline publications. Attend networking functions and give away useful content. Build a nice database of interested folks, then present a live or webcast workshop on an industry innovation in 2012. This has been proven to work. If it is too passive for you (or your boss!) there is always more interruptive media. Direct mail, social media marketing, and locally targeted LinkedIn advertising will both allow for reaching that very specific audience.

And as you build your brand familiarity invite a marketing company like Zen Marketing Inc to show you how to leverage that newfound exposure into new business. Our proven approach to creating your marketing strategy can actually reduce your advertising spend and provide you with measurable and quantifiable results.

This means more of the right clients.