There are many integration efficiencies with the right inbound marketing platform. The entire business world is undertaking extensive efforts to market in these uncertain times. Typically, business goes about the routine, but the economic storm, which we are experiencing, has made each step a cautious one.

Combine the fact that budgets are tight, the future uncertain, and those traditional marketing methods are slowly becoming more and more ineffective, and it’s a marketer’s nightmare. Inbound marketing, sometimes referred to content marketing, internet marketing, social marketing and online marketing (confused yet?)… there is a lot to think about, let alone act on.

There is no getting around it, trying to keep up with the demands of digital marketing is a time consuming and often confusing process. Using the right inbound marketing platform could make the difference in burning ten to twelve hours a day marketing your business properly down to a meaningful and streamlined two or three (or four if you are like me). Here is some of what is involved:

Social media platforms ( there are more than 300 and counting)

  • Your blog
  • Articles
  • Content aggregators
  • Google Keywords
  • Analytics
  • Email
  • Auto-responders
  • And oh so much more

Then there is search engine optimization, long tail keyword strategies, traditional marketing tactics like direct mail, display ads, and public relations. Let’s not forget networking. What’s a business owner or marketing executive to do?

There happens to be a great number of software solutions available to create integration efficiencies, combining some if not most of the daily activities to save time and redundant effort. You can select from software services such as Infusionsoft®, Optify®, Unica®, Constant Contact®, Exact Target®, Eloqua® and many others. There are specialty software solutions that include some or all of the tasks mentioned above, but when you want to concentrate your efforts, don’t you want to minimize the number of platforms with which to work? I would think so. Integrating the right inbound marketing platform is critical to achieve economies of scale and efficiency.

When making the choice from so much variety, it may seem somewhat daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. The main considerations are:

  • Usability
  • Full Support
  • Integration Capabilities with existing CRM and ERP software
  • Seamless integration and cohesion
  • Availability of additional applications
  • Affordability and Scalability
  • Do It For Me Service Options


One of the features my clients appreciate the most is that even though they have elected to utilize a Software as a Service platform (SaaS), they can do what they feel confident in supporting, and deferring the lesser aspects of the overall marketing process to us. It’s a shared responsibility, with regular meetings to review analytics, define strategy and tactical tweaking and continued training. This collaborative approach to the workflow, which we manage, has had substantial results in terms of results and reduced expenditures.

Integration Efficiencies With The Right Inbound Marketing Platform

Integration software systems are an imperative for streamlining the entire process, as well as having the right inbound marketing platform. As a Hubspot® Value Added Reseller, I am rather biased, naturally, but I do believe the industry leader is the right one to choose when considering making the move to cloud based solutions of inbound marketing platforms. Hubspot® not only offers a great software platform, but an inbound marketing assessment plus ongoing support is our specialty as a VAR.

Consider the advantages of moving some or all of your marketing efforts to a digital platform. Or contact us and let us walk you through a detailed description of the process.