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The Cold Calling Conundrum standard

While the world has “gone digital,” cold calling is out of date to say the least. However, there are cold calling statistics that make me wonder; well sort of; it’s a bit of a conundrum actually. In the past I posted articles relating to the cold calling marketing strategy. One article alluded to the fact that cold calling has definitely had its day; another stated that the marketing shift caused by technology has left even the best cold calling sales people wanting, and another still that bashed the “training systems” still being marketed on the net. In my training workshops, I speak to professionals and discuss cold calling and their reluctance, if not abhorrence of the concept, you can read more ...

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Inbound Marketing is Cold Callings Best Friend standard

What inbound marketing does really, really well is eliminate the cold call. After all, when you have scores of interested people taking the time to visit your landing page or blog and then leaving you their contact information the odds are pretty good your call will be taken. This behavioral bridge is amplified when they have taken advantage of a download (white paper, case study or some other relevant piece of information) and have something really tangible... and it has your brand on it! What we are actually describing is an effort to create a warmer environment and avoid a cold one. To accomplish this a good sales professional will usually "prime the pump" with an introductory letter (print or e-mail) ...

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Is Inbound Marketing Effective for a Start-Up? standard

Is Inbound Marketing effective for a start-up or should I start cold calling? In a recent online post I was asked,” When starting a new business and trying to generate qualified leads, are there any tricks when you are cold calling or is it purely just a numbers game”? This is a common question, especially from start-ups with limited budgets or no history of marketing. Consider this perspective… As a start up you are an unknown entity... and you have little to no track record... and no doubt you have a story to tell but who is going to take the time out of their time impoverished lives to listen to it just because you called? What You Really Need You really need a ...

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Inbound Marketing: the Best Way to Drive Sales to New Levels standard

Do you sometimes feel like your company is using social media and blogging but not getting the volume of leads you had hoped for? Are you stressing over the decision to invest more time, talent, and treasure into your marketing effort? Or are you stuck in the old cold-calling paradigm? Heck, can a company survive this way in today's marketplace? Jason Fried, writing for INC., articulates: “Existing companies always weigh the costs of new technology or talent against what it already has and usually sticks with what is familiar. Why? Because the marginal costs of using what you have are almost always lower than the full costs of investing in something new.”1 Established decisions makers don't think in terms of marginal costs. ...

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Just How Effective is Cold Calling Anyway? standard

Just How Effective is Cold Calling Anyway? Let’s be honest for a moment; no one likes cold calling. Cold calling was once the standard method of gaining new business for many industries, the number one lead generation technique, especially financial services. For everyone from the boiler room operations seeking donations to the New York Stock Exchange pitchmen, effective cold calling was the tried and true path to take towards lead generation and growing revenues. Those days are gone; what appears to be forever. The glory days of cold calling are over, replaced by the internet. Some people could not be happier. Even the term sounds contradictory; “Effective Cold Calling.” That seems akin to “Jumbo Shrimp” or “Military Intelligence.” It sounds that way. ...

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When is the best time to make sales calls? standard

One of the questions I am frequently asked is, "When is the best time to make sales calls?" I'm always hesitant to answer this question, simply because I despise cold calling and believe that anyone who tells you they enjoy cold calling is either a liar or a sales consultant. Yes, I never want to give prospectors and new business development pros a reason not to make calls. There are times when following up a referral or a target of opportunity requires a cold call. But I'm always afraid that if I mention times that are better than others people could interpret that to mean they should not make calls at those other times.Clock2 Finding the "good times" to reach high-level ...

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