While there is a plethora (love using that word!) of good reasons to utilize the services of an inbound marketing firm, it is our belief that they all boil down to the three most important, as outlined below. We at Zen Marketing Inc., a fully digital inbound marketing agency believe that we can build your business using the latest methodologies and tactics.

Over the past five years Harvard Business Review (aka HBR) studied how patterns of business has changed to the point that instead of solution sales professionals pushing products and services, companies are already 60% involved in the acquisition process for the needs of their particular business processes or concerns. It is in that light that the conversion from push advertising to pull methods grows businesses today. Zen Marketing Inc. is a boutique marketing agency that helps businesses “get found affordably.”

Number ThreeRather than attempt to conquer the Internet alone, we suggest the following considerations why you should consider working with us.

Broader Perspective – This is what we do for a living. Our staff of professionals works with a variety of industries utilizing inbound marketing strategies and tactics on a daily basis. We have in-depth knowledge of the constantly changing marketing landscape, and how to best utilize best practices of the marketing opportunities available today.

  • Your Team is Already Working Full-time( or more) – With budgets under constant scrutiny and margins shrinking, do you have the necessary staffing to conduct an effective marketing program? Your team is working at capacity, and if not, you have already initiated steps to get the most out of available resources. Through the use of a dedicated marketing team, you can let your staff do what they do best, and leave the lead generation to the professionals.
  • Certified Marketing Executives – At Zen Marketing, we only hire certified inbound marketing executives, from web developers and copywriters to graphic artisans and beyond. Our in-house and external teams provide on-time and on-budget performance on which you can count.
  • Access to Industry Specific Marketing Data – Today’s marketing information is growing at a pace that few can keep up with, but a Zen Marketing, our research team is on the job to not only understand what works, but knows where to find the answers to complex marketing challenges.


Availability of Quality Content – Content is the core of the inbound marketing process, and at Zen Marketing, we have a dedicated staff of copywriters that are unmatched in the industry. Our writers craft compelling and engaging content full-time, and when we have everyone generating content for our clientele, we have a bank of content writers of more than 2000 certified copywriters. There is no shortage of compelling content crafts persons at Zen Marketing.

  • Generates More Leads – It is a proven method of generating more leads than your present marketing efforts. Our strategies work because we utilize the most up to date methodologies. Content creation, repurposing, curation and multiplicity of use, specifically targeted to your buyer personas will build your leads quickly and effectively. White Papers, eBooks, Videos, Webinars, Special Reports, Articles and Blog Entries, all supporting a comprehensive content strategy, as well as well-crafted email marketing campaigns will boost your lead generation activity beyond present production standards.
  • Landing Pages for Calls to Action – Through the use of Calls to Action landing pages, our content marketing strategies will not only improve your brand positioning, your lead generation efforts too will quickly pay off. By capturing leads at the point of content review, you can invest more time in lead nurturing and sales preparation than ever before.


More Robust ROI – Business is about dollars and cents, so it makes good sense to maximize revenues while minimizing overhead and expense. Through the use of an inbound marketing strategy, your return on investment will improve dramatically.

  • Less Expensive – It has been quantified by industry leaders that inbound marketing is 62% less expensive than traditional marketing efforts. Digital marketing is far less expensive than print, television or other mediums. By hiring an inbound marketing firm like Zen Marketing Inc., you control the budget. We will craft a comprehensive marketing campaign designed around your goals and budget constraints. As an external agency, you avoid all of the health and welfare costs typically encountered with employees.
  • Better SEO – Search engine optimization has become a complex process since Google decided to change their algorithms. Companies that once held front page positioning on the search results have fallen into obscurity overnight as a result. Yesterday’s SEO is sorely outdated and no longer effective. It is imperative that the responsible party be Internet and Search Engine savvy to produce the proper results. As such experts, our team specializes in companies “getting found.”
  • Marketing Tools – With inbound marketing solutions such as HubSpot software, lead generation and brand positioning is easy. As a Certified HubSpot Partner, we are fully knowledgeable in all of its uses, from landing pages and social media interactivity to deep analytics and reporting, so you know what is working and what isn’t. There are a number of ways to take advantage of HubSpot’s capabilities, from Do it Yourself (DIY) to Shared Participation, to Do it For Me (DIFM). A no obligation review of your current marketing efforts to a custom designed program is available at the asking.
  • Integrated Marketing Efforts – We utilize the latest in solutions that are fully integrated into the marketing software. Everything from email campaign solutions to tracking and reporting software, your marketing can be automated and streamlined to perform with little oversight.


How about Zen Marketing? We enjoy working with clients in the architectural, finance, accounting financial services sectors, and many others… but we aren’t working with you? Why not? Feel free to inquire as to how we might serve you by contacting us today.