5 Effective Techniques for Marketing a Business on FacebookIf you are not getting serious business from your Facebook marketing efforts, how valuable would you consider information the marketing professionals at large companies are using? Right now the most successful Facebook marketers are utilizing a diverse blend of social media techniques each and every day, and turning visitors in long-term loyal customers in the process. This short guide to marketing a business on Facebook will highlight some of those very techniques, and allow your business to transform its marketing effectiveness.  5 Effective Techniques for Marketing a Business on Facebook is geared toward businesses in nearly every industry and of every scale.

1. Exploding Your Public Relations Efforts

Many business owners who are using Facebook to grow their unique brand miss the mark when it comes to publicity efforts. With all the great marketing tools available on Facebook, it is easy to see why a company might lose sight that Facebook is a great platform for other companies to source out stories for their websites. Make an effort to create compelling stories about your brand that another popular platforms might pick up. Millions of companies rely on Facebook for their news stories, so use that opportunity to promote exciting happenings with your company, regardless how small. It only takes one mention on a top news website for your information to instantly go viral.

2. Growing Your Email Audience

Nothing in your business is as valuable as your mailing list. These are previous customers and potential clients, all interested in what products or services you sell. Not many users of Facebook are aggressively growing their mailing list through this platform however, and leaving enormous amounts of money on the table. Utilizing a third party email sign-up program like Action Sprout, will give you the unique ability to collect email addresses right from the Facebook news feed. That news feed is where the majority of users interact, they are not surfing pages as frequently. Create a marketing campaign like a photo contest, petition, or a poll on the news feed, where users must visit a tab you have set up on your page to complete the action. Before completing the desired action, they must enter personal information to proceed, allowing you to collect and grow your email list.

3. Boosting Your Unique Message

Of all the tips in this guide to marketing a business on Facebook, boosting your message has to be the one that is overlooked the most. Boosting a new product announcement can explode interest to your offering, but most people simply think this form of marketing is not effective. This technique is used by the most successful marketers online because it still works, especially for the people who run small businesses. For example, you run a small ice cream shop and this week you are introducing a new flavor, giving away free cones for the first 200 customers. By spending $20 to promote the announcement of your new product, your company has the potential to receive hundreds of calls, visits, or inquiries. In one day, you could see your message reach thousands, increasing the likes to that page by the same. These new fans will surely tell their family and friends about your page, all without you spending any additional money.

4. Utilizing Facebook Audience Insights

When you understand your audience, you are in a better position to optimize your marketing strategy. When you can target your advertising efforts more accurately, you will generate a bigger return on your marketing investment. Facebook gives users access to a very powerful tool that does just that, it is called Audience Insights. When you make use of the information provided in the Insights tab, you now have the unique ability to get a snapshot of what your audience likes and engages with. This gives you the ability to profile your intended audience in better detail than you have ever before. Now you have the ability to see which contests got the most interaction, which kind of posts were shared the most, and fine tune how you promote in the future. Once you adjust your marketing efforts to the actions of your audience, you are in a better position to interact with a receptive audience.

Split testing graphic5. Split Testing Your Facebook Ads

If you are going to spend any money with Facebook ads, you must take the time to split test the ads to find out which are the most effective. If you are not split testing and looking for the perfect keyword, you are simply throwing your advertising money out the window. The most effective way to do this is test on different audiences. Vary the ads slightly with two different groups, then compare the results to see if there is any glaring differences. There is no perfect formula for every business, so you must put in the effort to uncover the right keywords that will drive more organic traffic to your offerings. Locate the cheapest clicks that are coming in at a good rate, multiply those efforts, and you will grow your target audience without spending a fortune on Facebook ads.

As previously mentioned, these 5 Effective Techniques for Marketing a Business on Facebook are geared toward businesses in nearly every industry and of every scale.This guide to marketing a business on Facebook will be different for everyone because each business is unique in one form or another. Focus on one technique at a time and pay very close attention to your numbers. When you see a significant increase in traffic from one technique, don’t be afraid to ramp things up , what we refer to in our agency as “rinse and repeat”. Marketing your business will always be challenging but it does not have to be daunting. It is all about putting in that laser focus and committing to the process. Facebook makes it easy for you to not only grow your customer base, but to reach a global audience of targeted customers you can transform to long-term loyal customers.

If you have found success using one or several of these tactics, or maybe something else, please use the comment block below to share your experience with our readers.