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Social Media and Marketing Your Business standard

Over the past year or two I have shared quite a lot of information of the continual evolution of marketing. Social media might have been mentioned somewhat infrequently; mostly I spoke of inbound marketing activities, branding, content and content management, reputation management and just about every other aspect of marketing. I’ve touched on social media from time to time, but today I thought I would take that conversation further. Social media marketing is part and parcel of a complete marketing strategy, and is the tactical aspect of sharing the content messaging, conversing with your prospects and customers and broadening your market reach through social networking channels. In this article I want to touch on the three most popular social media ...

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New to Social Networking? Here’s a Quick-Start Primer. standard

If you are new to the social networking swimming pool, don’t feel bad. There are lots of companies yet to get into the water, but it is high time to stick your toes in. Here’s a quick-start primer on what you will need to accomplish in order to develop a sound social media strategy. Online and offline discussions, articles, webinars, eBooks and a plethora of other communications all speak as though everyone is keeping up with the uber-evolving media storm called social media. Getting started can be a paralyzing process, especially if you are new to social media all together. Social media marketing is sort of like learning a foreign language; you need to understand the foundation words and terms ...

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Hosting an Event? Use a Hashtag for Marketing It. standard

If your business regularly uses events such as workshops or public speaking engagements, whether for promotional purposes, or actual revenue generation, then you'll know how difficult it can be to generate a buzz around your event. But without genuine excitement in your target audience, how can you be sure that enough people will attend to make your event worthwhile? The good news is that social media offers new avenues for engaging with your potential audience. For rapid-fire engagement with today’s time-poor consumers, nothing beats Twitter. But updates on Twitter are limited to a maximum of 140 characters, meaning your message could flash past in an instant. And how can you track whether people are talking about your event, and make ...

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Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses standard

Even if you don't use it you already know Facebook is one of the most powerful social network platforms. You have probably come to realize that it’s not just for teenagers and socialites, but also for the small private business as well. Why? Because Facebook gives every business owner an effective and affordable marketing tool. But we will agree to one thing: Facebook marketing can be intimidating. When it comes to marketing your small business, social media should be part of your game plan. If you do not yet have a Facebook page for your business, stop what you are doing and call a marketing agency! Okay, it's so simple you really can do it yourself and in under half ...

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How to Join in the Social Media Conversation standard

Social media is the new word of mouth, so when the conversation online with customers or prospects begins, the friends and contacts that like what they see and react, and are going to join the conversation as well. Perhaps you aren’t monitoring your social media feeds; in that case you are missing out on information.   One of the best ways to spark a conversation online is to write about questions or comments your customers may have mentioned, and reply to them in your content. By incorporating your social media connections into the dialogue, you are enabling a discussion specifically about your brand. How you handle (or do not) questions and requests through social media will either polish or tarnish your company ...

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5 Things Accountants Don’t Understand About Social Media standard

There are 5 things Accountants don’t understand about social media. There are many things social media is and is not. Although the popular belief among professional businesses is that social media may be a complete waste of time, or only for the young and restless, it can be a valuable tool for all financial services firms. Here are five things to consider: Social media is the vehicle that takes your potential consumers to your blog or web site. Social media is not for selling, only for telling. Social media enhances brands more so than any other technology medium or channel. Lead generation and social media go hand in hand. Social media is about two-way communication. - Social media is the vehicle that takes your potential consumers to ...

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