Is Blogging a Good Investment for Accountants? Many of those in the accounting world assume that blogging is a platform mainly for those who are involved with Internet marketing as their main business. The truth is, many major companies have blogs, even those that are not directly involved in the technological field. Blogging can be a huge contributor to inbound marketing and new client development, even for those in the financial arena.describe the image

Why Isn't Your Business Blogging?


There are definite concerns regarding the return on investment, as with any marketing ploy. This is particularly true in the case of blogging, as the main resource needed is time, and we all know time is money. It can feel frustrating maintaining a blog without seeing any immediate financial payoffs. However, especially within the accounting community, it should be easy to understand that the initial time put in will pay off in the long run, even if the benefits are not immediately apparent.


Every blog post can generate long-term revenue. Unlike a print ad that’s run for a few months and then discontinued, blogs are indexed by search engines long into the future, assisting new client development months and even years after the original post. Think of every blog post as the start of a cash flow that will continue for the lifetime of the site. Though the return will not show up in dollars right away, it will show up in increased traffic. The more traffic you receive, the higher number of likely conversions from those who read your blog to those who become customers.

Internet Marketing

The key to promoting your accounting business online is by understanding the strategy behind inbound marketing. Outbound marketing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Consumers are learning how to tune out advertisements that don’t appeal to them. Instead, the most successful Internet marketing campaigns rely on inbound marketing, which involves making sure that those who are online and searching for a niche financial service are finding your company in their search results.

This means that most of the traffic through your site is from people who are already interested and shopping for financial services. If your blog post really captures what your readers have been looking for, those individuals will not only become customers, but will broadcast that choice to friends and family via social media and word of mouth, essentially taking care of your outbound marketing for you.

Networking vs. Experience

New companies just starting out may feel they’re at a loss in comparison to those who have been knocking around the accounting field for longer. Those who are most successful have been cultivating their contacts for years in order to build a deep and far-reaching business network. With Internet marketing, however, any fresh voice can become quickly recognized as an expert in their niche, and blogging is the perfect way to accomplish this. By writing a series of posts addressing a specific topic that may not have been addressed elsewhere in the financial world, very soon that blogger becomes the go-to source for that market.


Financial blogging allows even newcomers to establish a solid reputation in a comparatively short amount of time. By focusing efforts on a niche market, you can carefully nurture new client development through your website analytics, determining which keywords are bringing in readers and continuing this strategy for optimum success in both business and blogging.