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Not blogging? You should be… standard

Introducing a blog to your business' website can help your business grow in more ways than one. For far too long (especially for small businesses) those in charge of marketing have seen websites as strictly the place where people come to get some basic information about the business, and maybe make purchases. We refer to this as a digital brochure. But a website is really where people were directed to visit from other marketing efforts. And with a blog, the website itself becomes a marketing tool, bringing people in (inbound marketing), instead of only being used as a placeholder or online store. Not blogging? You should be... Here are a few of the ways a regularly updated blog can help ...

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Social Media and Marketing Your Business standard

Over the past year or two I have shared quite a lot of information of the continual evolution of marketing. Social media might have been mentioned somewhat infrequently; mostly I spoke of inbound marketing activities, branding, content and content management, reputation management and just about every other aspect of marketing. I’ve touched on social media from time to time, but today I thought I would take that conversation further. Social media marketing is part and parcel of a complete marketing strategy, and is the tactical aspect of sharing the content messaging, conversing with your prospects and customers and broadening your market reach through social networking channels. In this article I want to touch on the three most popular social media ...

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New to Social Networking? Here’s a Quick-Start Primer. standard

If you are new to the social networking swimming pool, don’t feel bad. There are lots of companies yet to get into the water, but it is high time to stick your toes in. Here’s a quick-start primer on what you will need to accomplish in order to develop a sound social media strategy. Online and offline discussions, articles, webinars, eBooks and a plethora of other communications all speak as though everyone is keeping up with the uber-evolving media storm called social media. Getting started can be a paralyzing process, especially if you are new to social media all together. Social media marketing is sort of like learning a foreign language; you need to understand the foundation words and terms ...

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The Power of Content standard

It really does not matter in which industry you serve, everyone markets to their prospective consumer. Some call them clients, some call them customers, some even call them members; they are all experiencing the effects of your marketing. That friends, is the power of content. Tailored correctly, content that is “persona-fied,” that is, crafted directly at the type of consumer for which you are aiming. Marketers have a huge responsibility. Whether you market to the B2B, B2C, B2Gm B2NP or individual entrepreneurs, you have to not only generate interest, but also do it in such a way that they are actually paying attention. That is the power of content. For those with very tight budgets, content marketing is very affordable. Cost-effective ...

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Is Blogging a Good Investment for Accountants? standard

Is Blogging a Good Investment for Accountants? Many of those in the accounting world assume that blogging is a platform mainly for those who are involved with Internet marketing as their main business. The truth is, many major companies have blogs, even those that are not directly involved in the technological field. Blogging can be a huge contributor to inbound marketing and new client development, even for those in the financial arena.describe the image ROI There are definite concerns regarding the return on investment, as with any marketing ploy. This is particularly true in the case of blogging, as the main resource needed is time, and we all know time is money. It can feel frustrating maintaining a blog without seeing any ...

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Why Isn’t Your Business Blogging? standard

Why Isn't Your Business Blogging? If there is one thing that I learned from my involvement with HubSpot, it's that everyone should be creating content in one way or another. Blogging is best when it is a team effort. This encourages a fun, creative, and expressive energy an fosters real team collaboration. Not only should everyone create content, but they should support the blog content by tweeting, commenting, liking, and pinning each other’s work. The best content is human and transparent. Blog about your mistakes and your successes. Blog about how you have learned from a poor experience with a customer and how you've since improved on your customer service. Show your readers that you promote a culture of accountability and ...

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