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Professional Services Marketing and COVID-19 standard

Professional Services are not immune to economic downturns and must consider their post-COVID-19 marketing response today in order to resume a path to success.  Inbound marketing is a proven marketing method that is ideal for every professional services business. We’ve previously written about How Lack of Marketing Plan Blows the Budget. Let's continue that trend by helping your professional services business develop a post-COVID 19 inbound marketing plan. The COVID-19 Crisis and Inbound Marketing A new and unexpected crisis is not new for us marketers or professional services businesses. Dips in the market, severe weather, and even attacks can disrupt the best laid out plans. We have a history of helping our clients weather the storm and help them come up with ...

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How a content marketing campaign can drive new business standard

You have probably heard or read it before: content marketing is important to your online campaigns. Content is a leading channel of digital and inbound marketing – any reputable marketing firm, agency, or consultancy can tell you that content marketing drives new business for your brand through a combination of benefits that work hand in hand, providing you with brand authority, search engine visibility, and lead-generating web copy. But how does this happen? Why does content marketing drive new business? Well, because: Content is King… Back in 1996, forward-thinking tech pioneer and visionary Bill Gates wrote an article with a central message that to this day holds true: “content is king.” From the point of view of a business marketing itself to ...

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To Blog or Not to Blog standard

If you aren't familiar with the power of blogging, then you've missed some of the most important developments in advertising from the last few years. Here are some of the main reasons why you should work blogging into your marketing plan - or avoid it in its entirety. To Blog: The Power to Get Noticed At its core, blogging is a simple yet powerful tool - the ability to create a series of pages, each of which holds unique content, and use those pages to fill the results of search engines and ultimately attract new customers. Consider the following: According to the marketing statistics of HubSpot, 44% of online shoppers will start their quest through a search engine - not by going ...

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Not blogging? You should be… standard

Introducing a blog to your business' website can help your business grow in more ways than one. For far too long (especially for small businesses) those in charge of marketing have seen websites as strictly the place where people come to get some basic information about the business, and maybe make purchases. We refer to this as a digital brochure. But a website is really where people were directed to visit from other marketing efforts. And with a blog, the website itself becomes a marketing tool, bringing people in (inbound marketing), instead of only being used as a placeholder or online store. Not blogging? You should be... Here are a few of the ways a regularly updated blog can help ...

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If Bloggers Get 5 Times the Leads – Why Don’t You Blog? standard

There is a real disconnect when I come across a business professional that doesn’t have an active blog on their site. It’s not that I don’t respect them as business people; they have a right to manage their business any way they wish. It just seems to be counter-productive to have a website and NOT offer content to their visitors. When there is no blog, I lose interest fast. Unless the business employs video, an array of eBooks or some other “reason” to explore their site, I am simply moving on to a competitor of theirs. When people come across your site, the same will happen to you. Blogging for business is not about letting everyone know what you had ...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Content Creation standard

Regardless of your business entity’s status; a start-up or seasoned, when it comes to content creation, you may need some coaching at the beginning. Here are some easy tips to consider when the beginner of an inbound marketing strategy takes on the role of copywriter. Start with the end in mind No matter the effort, it is the results we are all after. Effective copywriting must be directly focused on the organization’s key objectives and goals. Remember, your goal is primary, so if it is to generate more leads, one must consider your present generation methodology and results, and therefore, what you need to do to reach your company targets. If your goal is to simply educate your audiences rather than ...

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