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Do you dread learning that someone has un-subscribed from your email list? standard

Do you dread learning that someone has un-subscribed from your email list? Everyone who uses an email marketing platform dreads the email notification of people who un-subscribe, usually following an email distribution. People opt-out for many reasons, usually: - They changed positions within a company. - They departed their current company for another one. - They changed suppliers, and you are no longer it! - Your content no longer engages their interest. - They forgot who you are. - Their inbox is packed. For many small business owners, the day to day routine makes it difficult to carve out time to create great content and share it on a regular basis. Three articles a year is not going to create a level of engagement, nor should ...

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Marketing: The Care and Feeding of Your Email Marketing List standard

If you are new to email marketing or are in the process of building your first list, you are to be congratulated! Email marketing, despite all protestations to the contrary, is alive and well, and will be for the foreseeable future! On top of that, it is still the one essential piece that needs to be there for long term success online. And that should come as no surprise. If you think about it, this principle applies to every business, whether online or off. All businesses need a list of regular customers and prospect, and this has not and will not change. Have you never tried to occasionally drop a direct mail piece using social media data? Good luck with that!WhyEmail ...

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Email Marketing for Accounting Firms standard

Email marketing is a great way for you to attract or shore up some of the client base, and accounting firms know that once the April rush begins, there will be no rest until it is all put aside. It won’t be long until tax filing season comes into focus; no sooner than the holiday decorations are returned to their resting place. It’s a vicious cycle familiar to those in the world of tax preparation and unique to that industry. The CPA’s and EA’s we work with strive to build up their rest over the period between holidays, and avoid drinking too much bubbly on New Year’s Eve. You know you are going to need your strength once the pressure ...

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