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The SMB Digital Divide is Closing standard

There is a digital divide that exists with every small business owner, despite that the first two decades of the 21st century brought about digital transformations in sales and marketing. Too many SMB’s still look at their customer buying experience from an out of date perspective. How is your small business narrowing its digital divide?

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How to Write Content in Times of Upheaval standard

We've previously written about How to Write Content for Answers and have realized it is also important to learn how to write content in times of upheaval. The current pandemic has severely impacted what your audience is prioritizing, along with how they may view your brand. This pandemic and any other future disruptions are sure to happen but provide opportunities for you to stand out from your competitors. Below, we address how you can make the most of a bad situation while avoiding the pitfalls. 1. Continue to Create Content Depending on your type of business, you may have lots of time or hardly any during times of upheaval. However, it would be best if you did not let that interrupt ...

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The 4 Steps of How to Write Content Answers standard

We’ve previously written about How to Connect With High Value Customers. In that fashion, we want to show you how to write content answers for the questions your potential clients may have. Let's break down what it will take to effectively answer your prospective customers by expertly answering the pressing questions they have about your good or service. Why You Should Write Content for Answers to Specific Questions We're not discussing writing content for the snippets that appear on search engines. It is a great thing to have if you can get it. However, it is difficult to break in. Writing answers to questions has benefits because it can generate lasting results that can begin as soon as the post goes ...

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Professional Services Marketing and COVID-19 standard

Professional Services are not immune to economic downturns and must consider their post-COVID-19 marketing response today in order to resume a path to success.  Inbound marketing is a proven marketing method that is ideal for every professional services business. We’ve previously written about How Lack of Marketing Plan Blows the Budget. Let's continue that trend by helping your professional services business develop a post-COVID 19 inbound marketing plan. The COVID-19 Crisis and Inbound Marketing A new and unexpected crisis is not new for us marketers or professional services businesses. Dips in the market, severe weather, and even attacks can disrupt the best laid out plans. We have a history of helping our clients weather the storm and help them come up with ...

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Revealing the Top 3 Secrets of Email Marketing standard

This is Part 1 on a new series: Revealing the Top 3 Secrets of Email Marketing Have you noticed how so many people bitch and moan that their emails never seem to get opened? They spout the percentages the media likes to throw around, like: “The national average open rate for email is less than 6%. And the click-through rate is even lower.” If you are one of those folks, please keep reading. We want to change the way you view email marketing, especially if you operate a small, privately-held business. Those who know the secrets and apply them have a completely different philosophy when it comes to using email as a marketing tool. They have developed a unique perspective on getting ...

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Marketing Your Small Business 4 Pennies standard

Hang on a minute. Does Marketing Your Small Business 4 Pennies even make sense? It does if you have no marketing budget and are hard-pressed to find new prospective customers. Marketing your small business for pennies is a concept that many very small businesses use to get off the ground. While traditional marketing and advertising tactics may seem passé, they do have their place and can be very effective for some businesses. But, digital marketing online is proving to be more efficient for the SMB community we serve. Plus, old school tactics tend to be more investment intensive. Remember Mad Men, the hit TV series that touted the Madison Avenue advertising agencies? It put a big fat spotlight on the old ...

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Why Brands Are Blue Over Green standard

Brands like Whole Foods, Aldi, Tata Harper, The Good Trade, Honest Company, and many, many more are leading the way towards a lower carbon footprint, healthier people, environmentally healing action towards the critical issue of degradation of our world. Have you documented your company’s environmental sustainability plan yet?

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