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Why Automate Your Email Marketing? Let Me Count the Ways standard

Automate your email marketing, and marketing automation in general, are two of those terms that are often a intertwined mistaken notion, depending on who is shouting it and who is the receiver. If a MA sales person speaks to a Fortune 1000 company, it means one thing. To a small, local store owner it may mean something completely different. So, let me share with you what Forrester Research says about the definition of Marketing Automation. “Marketing Automation is defined as processes that help generate new business opportunities, manage volumes of business inquiries, improve potential buyers’ propensity to purchase, and increase alignment between marketing activities and sales results.” That means that not only email is automated, but a CRM system is integrated into ...

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Bad marketing can hurt you standard

In my own new business development process, I come across businesses all too often that simply don’t understand good marketing vs. bad marketing. And while that’s a good thing for me, I suppose, I nonetheless want to share some tips for how to avoid bad marketing pitfalls and instead use good marketing tactics and better understand good marketing strategies. Because bad marketing can hurt you. Using the “Spaghetti” Approach Are your marketing efforts akin to throwing a handful of spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks? Are you strategically mapping out your marketing approach or tossing your money behind the first strand of pasta that comes along? Once you’ve cooked up the right strategy, are you spending time and money ...

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Small Business Marketing Plan for 2017: The Time is Now standard

Have you created your new marketing plan for 2017? If you’re like many busy entrepreneurs, the answer might be, “Not yet,” or “We’re using the same one as last year,” or worse, “I don’t have one.” Yikes! If you’ve been flying by the seat of your proverbial pants, you may be suffering from what’s known as Shiny Object Syndrome. This insidious disease tends to develop quickly in new entrepreneurs and can become chronic if steps aren’t taken to prevent and treat the condition. The new year is right around the corner, so it’s high time you take a step back and look at the big picture. Look not just at your company, but at yourself. Do YOU suffer from ...

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Email Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow standard

There was, and still is a fair amount of divergence as to how and where email became what it is. Some believe that it came about as a tool of ARPANET1, the interconnected mainframes between the Pentagon and universities. Some interpretations explain that the ARPANET was created to perform doomsday scenarios of nuclear attack sequences, but the government denies that ever occurred. Surely we can believe in everything our government tells us, can’t we? Others say email came about part of the originally planned for communications tools included in the early Internet. Email was intended and was introduced with rolling out Internet 1.0. It just sort of “always was.” Just like some believe the cosmos simply just always was. Still, others ...

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