Are you a small business owner looking to accelerate top line revenue through better lead generation?

A new marketing strategy and a new marketing partner can make all the difference.

Zen Marketing Inc. may be the right partner. Zen Marketing Inc. specializes in developing strategic marketing and advertising programs that help Small Businesses build successful and highly profitable businesses. Clients come to Zen Marketing for:

  • Compelling, unique, highly searchable, and affordable websites. We specialize in SMB start-ups.
  • Inbound marketing campaigns. We will help you leverage the internet to get your business known.
  • Marketing plan development; without a plan how will you get where you need to go?
  • Email and social media marketing, with elements of marketing automation to help reduce the workload.
  • Direct mail campaigns, that resonate with your audience while eliminating wasteful spending.
  • Advertising campaigns, across many different channels and budgets.


Zen Marketing Inc. will allow you to achieve your vision, using the most powerful direct response marketing techniques ever developed. We are your local experts at both traditional and Internet marketing, and are a certified HubSpot® and Constant Contact® Solution Provider.